Sneak Peeks and Samples

They’re samples, they’ve been scraped or modified beyond recognition, they’ve been slightly edited so that they aren’t unbearably cringey, and they’re finally seeing the light of day. (For a full explanation, see this post.)

  1. Only in Amigos (2017)
    • A short, nonfiction guidebook/personal narrative of my adventures in Ecuador volunteering with the non-profit Amigos de las Americas. In the summer of 2014, my two high-school-age partners and I spent seven weeks in the small farming community, Chirinche Alto, holding daily classes with the kids and helping the adults build a cyuera (guinea pig farm). Appropriate for high-school age and older.
    • Sample #1
    • Sample #2
    • I eventually scrapped this project in early college because I realized that it didn’t feel genuine. At that point, I didn’t actually want to write the book: I was just expecting myself to and hoping that it would give me a foothold in the traditional publishing world. That being said, I did put a lot of effort into the book and tried my best to capture the subtle humor and zaniness that comes with staying in another culture for long enough.
  2. Alloland 1.0: The Hundred Foot Drop of Klima (2017)
    • A fiction series that mixes high fantasy and genetic engineering. The Scouts voyage from island to island (later World Tree to World Tree), collecting anthropological data on other cultures, their technology, and their use of genetic engineering. All the while, the Scouts grapple with moral questions and enhanced enemies. Appropriate for late high-school/college age and older.
    • Chapter 1
    • Chapter 2
    • Chapter 3
    • Chapter 4
    • Alloland itself is not scrapped. I was expecting to write a short serial, but the stories quickly turned into novel length. I re-prioritized which islands/World Trees/storylines I would focus on, so the “Greenhouse Gases” adventure was scrapped. I’m currently on version 5.0, which takes place on Cambia and Augon.
  3. “Velocity and The Sleeper” (2018)
    • A superhero short story inspired by this Reddit r/WritingPrompts post. The premise is that all superheroes have a “hangover” effect after using their powers, during which they are subpar in whatever ability their powers normally enhance (ex. super strength –> extreme weakness during a hangover). Appropriate for middle-school age and older.
    • Velocity and The Sleeper
    • This was actually never scrapped! I just don’t think I can publish the story after having posted it on Reddit. So now it’s on my blog. Enjoy!
  4. The Flood Thieves (2016)
    • A high-fantasy trilogy inspired by the ancient Incan Empire and the Biblical flood story. Every generation, a great flood inundates the land, restoring life and preventing atrophy. But the flood gate guardian has been kidnapped in one spirit’s plot to recreate the world in his own image, and the world is slowly dying. Appropriate for middle-school age and older.
    • Prologue
    • Chapter 1
    • Chapter 2
    • I scrapped this project for three reasons:
      1. The story is set in the ancient Andes and inspired by Incan culture, but I somehow thought it would be ok to replace the Quechua mythology with my own.
      2. In building the world, I put together many disparate elements and ideas — the entire trilogy ended up feeling forced.
      3. I made this series during a dark time in my life (in terms of writing self-esteem). I wasn’t confident in my writing, so I decided to make a Tolkienic epic in order to impress people.
    • I actually wrote the entire trilogy, and at the very least my dad (who is a big fan of the typical high-fantasy/Tolkienic setting) was extremely enthusiastic about it. I think I wrote it well, and it’ll be a fun read for you, but it wasn’t something I could personally dedicate my life to.


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