Knives Out by Rian Johnson (2019)

Before the virus, my friends recommended that I go see Knives Out. However, my town essentially shut down the day I was going to see it, so I had to wait some time to watch it on demand with my family at home. But Jesus Mary Christ was it worth the wait. 

Now, I know everyone is already raving about this movie. So I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but just in case you haven’t heard: Knives Out is now tied for my favorite movie of all time. Yes, of all time.

I always worry about hearing hype for a movie or book, because I don’t want to be disappointed while watching/reading it. I worried that Knives Out would have this issue, but I enjoyed it far more than my friends made it out to be (Unfortunately, now that I’ve effectively called it my all-time favorite, I’ve increased the likelihood this will actually happen to you. But you should see it, anyway!).

Because Knives Out is a whodunit murder mystery, most of the appeal lies in spoilers. I’ll split this review into a spoiler and non-spoiler section, with the second alluding to what I found appealing and what you might find appealing, as well.  … More Knives Out by Rian Johnson (2019)

Disney Remakes: What is “copying” and what is “inspired by”?

I firmly believe that people criticize behaviors in order to change them — either out of a genuine desire to make others behave better or out of an insecure desire to control them. We criticize artists when they produce something we don’t like, because we want them to start making things we do like. When writers come out with something we do like, we praise them. Calling an artist “unoriginal” is no different. 

“Unoriginal” obviously had a bad connotation. So what behavior is it trying to discourage? What bad things happen when someone is unoriginal? … More Disney Remakes: What is “copying” and what is “inspired by”?

Charlotte’s Web (1952 , 1973 , 2003, and 2006)

While at my parents’ place, I happened to glance over at what remains of our old VHS collection, and saw the 1973 Hannah-Barbara adaptation of Charlotte’s Web. I realized that I’d never read the book, and hadn’t seen the movie in what must be over ten years.

So here we are.

I read the book and watched ALL of the film adaptations of the book. How do they compare? … More Charlotte’s Web (1952 , 1973 , 2003, and 2006)

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

In 1985, the popularity of the show He-Man and its toy line prompted the creation of a spin-off called She-Ra: Princess of Power, which was meant to appeal to a female audience. The show ran for two seasons, and then went on to become a meme.

This year, a reboot of the show, called She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (I know, the titles are confusingly similar), premiered on Netflix. I checked it out because everyone online was going crazy over the ship Catadora, and I of course had my New Year’s resolution to try new things whenever someone says “I recommend it.” Was it as good as everyone said it was?

Well, to put it simply, this was the first full show I’ve ever binged. … More She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

10 Quick Reviews: Incredibles 2, Marvel, Prince of Egypt, Kubo, and Portal

This summer was a summer of movie watching and videogame playing. So as summer comes to a close, I want to take a blog post to do some quick reviews on pieces I didn’t have too many thoughts about. I mean hey, if you don’t have a lot of thoughts about one movie, why not just shove ten others together?  … More 10 Quick Reviews: Incredibles 2, Marvel, Prince of Egypt, Kubo, and Portal