• How old were you when you wrote your first book?

began writing a book in the fifth grade, when I was ten or eleven years old. After two failed attempts at writing novels, I had a dream (literal, not metaphorical) that turned into the Talismen series. The name of the previous book’s protagonist, Roman, carried over to Talismen, as well.

I began Talismen in middle school (age 11), and published through Amazon CreateSpace my first year of high school (age 14). 

  • What is Talismen about?

Talismen is a fantasy/scifi mixture series about a boy who discovers he has superpowers, all the enemies that come with them, and an uncertain destiny. Additionally, the books explore loss, interpersonal relations, the evolution of cooperation, and young Roman’s journey to adulthood.

  • How did Talismen get its name?

I started writing Talismen in the sixth grade. During one reading class, we learned “talisman” as a vocabulary word. I thought it described the Genedeaue gems so well that I began calling the protagonists the Talismen before I even wrote them into the book!

  • Who is your publisher?

Amazon CreateSpace.

  • Who is your agent?

I’ll get back to you on that…

  • Who hosts your website?

WordPress. In fact, if you scroll down to the very bottom of the page, you’ll see the WordPress logo!

  • Is WordPress free?

That depends on how many features you want 😉

  • Do you recommend self-publishing?

That depends: are you a fourteen year old with no marketing experience?

  • Where do your ads come from?

Amazon Associates. If you click on an ad and then buy something from Amazon within 24 hours, then I get a portion of the profits, no extra charge to you. I try to be really transparent about the ads, and I normally add them onto text or pictures already on the site to make them less obtrusive (and immune to AdBlock).