About the Author

Every good story is life-changing. Many books have changed my life for the better, and I want to pay that forward. I love sharing and helping people, and writing is the best way to connect with others on an intellectual and emotional level. When my over-active imagination falls in love with an idea, theme, or character, the story comes out of me. And I want to share it with anyone who is willing to read.

My name is Elizabeth C. Robinson. I began writing stories in elementary school and started working on the Talismen: Birthstones in middle school after I fell in love with novels. After having a crisis of confidence, I finally published it in the ninth grade through Amazon under the company name Metoka Publishing.

After graduating as valedictorian from Cinco Ranch High, I enrolled as a Dean’s Scholar at UT Austin, majoring in biology and humanities. I’ve worked as a staff writer for FreshU and as a Science&Technology staff writer for The Daily Texan. On some social media, I go by my pen name, Robin Morph. It took me a while to decide on that name, so you may see remnants of “Black Page” and “E.B.C Teller” around my website or social media!

This website contains all the info you will ever need (though not necessarily want) about my writing life. Below you’ll find a short list of my publications, and on related pages you’ll find my FAQ and Ask the Author. Please feel free to ask the author (that’s me) a question! I 100% sincerely enjoy interacting with all of you in every way possible, and I love answering your questions!


Talismen: Birthstones

Published: February, 2012

Edition(s): 2

Cover Art: Sara Puett

Genre: Fantasy + Scifi

Inspiration(s): Warriors by Erin Hunter and the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan.

Blurb: View on Amazon or on our Home Page

Official Color: Green

Grades: 4 – 10

Teams: Team Strayer and Team Talismen

Where can I get it? You can read it for free on this website or find it on Amazon for paperback and eBook versions.


Current Host: This website

Features: Reviews, Sneak Peaks, Travel, and “Insomnia Posts,” which are narratives about my various thoughts, philosophies, and discoveries. I also occasionally report blogs from really cool people like ALIZ97 and carriearobinson.


What is it? An online publication by freshmen, for freshmen founded by Kate Beckman.

Feature(s): Anything nonfiction, from editorials to self-help articles to news.

How was I involved? I was a biwekly staff writer based in UT Austin.

Publications: 41 articles since July, 2016!

The Daily Texan

What is it? The University of Texas at Austin’s sponsored campus newspaper, completely free at any burnt-orange kiosk around campus.

Feature(s): All your typical newspaper stuff, such as comics, opinion pieces, movie reviews, sports, science, and occasionally even news.

How was I involved? I was a weekly SciTech permanent staff reporter. This job involved finding recent outstanding publications by UT professors, conducting interviews, researching topics on everything from Higgs bosons to electric fish to science photography competitions, and, of course, writing the articles themselves.

Publications: 17 articles since September 2017