The Author

Full portraitEvery good story is life-changing. Many books have changed my life for the better, and I want to make that experience possible for other people. I love helping people and sharing what I love with them, and writing is the only way I can connect with others on an intellectual and emotional level. When my over-active imagination falls in love with an idea, theme, or character, the story comes out. And I want to share it with anyone who is willing to read.

My mind and storytelling are intertwined, and I rely on my keyboard to express myself and discover things I never anticipated. So even if the universe told me one day that no one would ever read what I wrote, I would still keep writing.

Elizabeth C. Robinson is the independent author of Talismen: Birthstones. She began writing short stories in elementary school and started work on the Talismen series in middle school, finally publishing the first book in the ninth grade. After graduating from Cinco Ranch High School, she enrolled as a Dean’s Scholar at UT Austin, majoring in biology and Humanities. She currently writes for FreshU as a staff writer. Elizabeth took a while to choose “Robin Morph” as her pen name, so names like “Blackpage” and “E.B.C. Teller” can be seen floating around her social media. Her hobbies and interests include Taekwondo, language-learning, anthropology, musicals…and spending far, far too much time on the Internet.

The Illustrators
Talismen Birthstones recover

Talismen: Birthstones cover art by Sarah Puett.

Sarah is not only an amazing artist, but an engaging storyteller. Check out some of her work on her DeviantART page and YouTube channel!


Charango Cover Scan

Charango cover art by Nasa Xu.

Nasa is a talented artist, fun teacher, and good friend. She volunteered to make the cover art for Charango, and she certainly delivered!

Metoka Publishing


Metoka Publishing is an independent publishing company affiliated with Amazon.com and Amazon Associates. Its owner is Elizabeth C. Robinson.