New Category: SampleScraps

Hello and welcome to another exciting logistical announcement!

This website constantly references my writings, but the only writings posted here are nonfiction ramblings and a few chapters from Talismen! What gives? Well, anything that gets posted on a blog is considered officially published, which means it can’t be published again by a journal or publishing company. This law has kept me from posting pretty much all of my major projects. I don’t know what the rules are on how many “sneak peeks” I can post before portions of a book or story are considered “already published,” and I hesitate to spoil anything major about my stories, which leaves me in a bit of a tight spot. I hardly ever work on things I don’t want to publish, and if I don’t want to publish it that typically means I don’t want other people to see it. So what to do?

Many of you who have been keeping up with my Twitter and Newsletter will know that I’m currently working on a project called Alloland, a book series of young anthropologists who island-hop to study different cultures in a world where genetic engineering is the norm. Alloland has been in progress since my freshman year of college (two years ago), and it’s been through quite a few different incarnations since then. In fact, Alloland is now so different from the original draft (character names/personalities, powers, plots, and even the genre) that I feel safe to post the entire original. This may also be accompanied by samples and “scraps” (portions that no longer fit into the book but aren’t half bad. “Kill your darlings,” as they say) of other projects I’ve significantly changed, such as The Gene God or Dual Island.

I’m still conflicted that I’m not putting my best foot forward on this website — these “SampleScraps,” as I call them, haven’t been through many rounds of review and were typically written several years ago (this is assuming that my writing has improved over the years, as opposed to just getting longer and using bigger words). But I’ve resolved to be more open about my writing, as I tend to hoard my creations close to my chest and only occasionally let anyone read them. I want to find a community, and to find that, I need to put myself out there.

So this is my comfortable middle ground: slightly edited past lives of dead or revamped projects that I feel comfortable sharing with the world without having The Publishing Laws to worry about. Hopefully it will start to give people a feel for what I’m talking about when my newsletter gives out “Fun facts about the two dogs in Alloland!” It’ll also be fun for me to see how far the project has come in the past two years, and (fingers crossed Alloland eventually gets published and doesn’t end up in the graveyard like Gene God) after the final version comes out people might have some fun seeing what the proto-version was like. I’d certainly love to see the proto-versions of the novels I read…

So without further ado, please enjoy the new category of SampleScraps. They’re samples, they’ve been scraped or modified beyond recognition, they’ve been slightly edited so that they aren’t unbearably cringey, and they’re finally seeing the light of day.

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