November Newsletter

"The most important thing is that you know what’s important."


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I’ve started work on a series of adventure short stories that feature a mix of science, fantasy, anthropology, and philosophy. This series is currently called “Alloland,” for “other land,” but I’m considering changing the title to “The Winter Nest” or “First Contact.” What do you guys think?

I’ve started a new blog series called Vertical Integration. These nonfiction blogs are designed to tell you exactly how the world works by explaining one single question across the sciences–starting with biology and digging down to physics and math. The question we’ll be answering over the next few months is: “Why are men the colorblind ones?

Other articles that I’ve written since the last newsletter include:

Insomnia Posts

  1. How to Get Rid of Parents in a Fantasy Novel
  2. Time Management Strategies for When You’re Out of Ideas
  3. The Nuances of Following Your Dreams

Sneak Peeks

  1. Sneak Peek at Only in Amigos #2

Behind the Scenes:

Number of Pages Written in October:


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This month’s behind the scenes fun facts:

From Alloland

The main character’s uncle, Grampus, is not a grandpa. In the series, he is a former warrior of the Orca nation–the only Orca warrior that plays a large role in the series. Because of his royal standing and prominence in the plot, I named him Grampus, which is an old synonym for orca. According to Wiktionary, the word itself comes from the Latin roots for “fat” and “fish.”


Real Life Cool Stuff:

Topic: Societies

The Aztecs believed in four different afterlives. If you died in battle, you served in the sun god’s army fighting against the darkness before being reincarnated as a bird. If you died in childbirth, you went on to serve the sun god as he prepared to journey into the underworld. If you died of sickness, then you woke in an afterlife with plenty of food. If you died of old age, you went to an afterlife where you have four years to pass through eight difficult trials until your soul finds rest.

Source: TopTenz on Youtube


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